With the quest for sustainable, practical multifunction and the aim to create zero waste clothing, the brand LMj. was founded in Melbourne. It explores the reinterpretation and values of clothing’s origins.

Our design focus is through self-expression, finding identity and social acceptance. The garments we make are designed with love and respect for nature, the beauty of all races and genderless qualities. We believe that there is beauty in everything and we use design to express this. We educate ourselves by taking inspiration from ancient cultures and artisan craft. Our products are all handmade from raw and recycled fabrics and naturally dyed. We transform sustainability, simplicity and practicality into challenging avant-garde fashion. A controversial combination of rich natural tones, asymmetrical cuts, masculine elements and oversized layers is linked by stark black. This trademarks our work and reflects the absorption of colour and anonymity. Each garment is well chosen and respected. Our mission is to neutralise emotions from society and challenge the status quo; to create unique womenswear and unisex looks that aim to attract the spirit of the outside soul that yearns beyond the mainstream. We are part of the slow-fashion movement and we would like the modern society to wake up; to start thinking sustainable and away from a mass-produced world that is surrounded by waste.

​"We believe, fashion is a way to communicate respect to each other and to our environment..."

With our work, we try to find new ways that could save our planet. We showcase our collections internationally to share our skills and passion with like-minded souls and to set awareness for respect and equality of all humankind. We are going to support local communities as we grow - we don’t celebrate fame!

​​‘Creation of Imperfection’ is the designer's design signature; questioning the aim of perfection in our society and looking for beauty and quality in the rare and forgotten. From a young age, the designer found shelter by escaping into an arty bubble; expressing emotions and feelings mainly through drawings. The talent for design was then developed in the UK where the designer graduated with a fashion design degree in London.


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